My Help Cometh 
"My help cometh from the Lord who made heaven and earth" (Ps. 121:2)

Hello friends,

Today I'm thinking about the gift of closure...

The past doesn’t have to confine you or define you.

Closure is God's idea. It's a wonderful thing that anyone can have. Many people have told me that they just wish there was a way to make their past be in the past. They want it to go away. They wonder if they can ever be well again after great wrongs have been done to them or by them.

Well, the answer is yes. The past can go away. You can get better. Life can be good for you
again. The Lord can make the past not matter anymore. 

How? By the gift of closure. It’s not acquired, it is accepted. It’s not earned, it is experienced. 

It's built into life by our Lord, if we know about it and want it. Closure is everywhere around us, just waiting to happen. If you scrape a tree, it covers over. If you cut your finger, it heals over.

People practice disclosure and exposure, but the Lord practices closure:

"It is the glory of God to conceal a matter..." (Prov. 25:2).

In Jesus' strong name,

Steve and Carol Ost


From me to you...Jly 022