My Help Cometh 
"My help cometh from the Lord who made heaven and earth" (Ps. 121:2)

                "Come and see..." (John 1:46)

The Lord is always good, but people and life may not always be good.

It helps to separate that out in our thinking.  Many judge God by how life
is.  Instead, judge life by how God is.  Making that simple adjustment will
change everything for you.

In the above verse, Nathaniel was told good things about Jesus, but he
was in doubt, which is like many of us at times.  Then Philip simply invited
him to "come and see."

So Nathaniel did come and see and was immediately won over by being
in the awesome presence of Jesus.

The same call is given to people today to "come and see."  It doesn't mean
you have to come and understand or come and just means to
come and see.

The presence of God is self-validating and self-revealing.

Out of that presence comes our answers and blessings.

So, come and see:

"Taste and see that the Lord is good... (Psalm 34:8).

Every goodness to you,

Steve and Carol Ost


From me to you... Feb. 024