​When you can't take it anymore...

We have heard it said that God won't allow you to go through more than you can handle.  
But at times we wonder if that's really true.

Sometimes you reach the end of the line and just don't have the resources to go on.

But, it's still really true:  He will only give you what you can handle, with His help.  Even when God let the devil trouble Job, He set 
certain limits upon the devil.  The enemy did not have a blank check.  

Only the Lord is omnipotent.  Your troubles are a temporary condition.  Things won't always be for you as they are now.

David gives us this helpful word: 

"From the end of the earth will I cry unto Thee..." (Psalm 61:2).

This means that when you reach the end of your earth, there is still something you can do.  You don't have to fall apart.  You can go to Him and He will be there for you in power and love.  You can expect an intervention.

We have a Lord who answers.