My Help Cometh 
"My help cometh from the Lord who made heaven and earth" (Ps. 121:2)

Hello friends,

We all face problems, especially in difficult times.

But, it helps to know that the Lord Himself is never actually the problem.  
The problem is the problem, not Him. 

Rather, the Lord is the answer to the problem, in some way.

God is in our problems, but our problems aren't in Him.  Jesus
was in the storm with the 12 disciples, but the storm wasn't in Him.

Do you see the difference?  

Have faith.  He will still that storm in your circumstance, just as He did
long ago on the lake with His friends in the little boat.

"The righteous is delivered out of trouble..." (Proverbs 11:8).

All the best,

Steve Ost


From me to you...Jly 021